We start/work all projects as we get them; no one project is pushed in front of another for completion. Everyone is important to us so we practice the rule, “first come-first served”. A simple design project, depending on its size and details, will take about three to four + weeks to complete for presentation – give or take, depending on where your project is in the queue with other projects. A complex design project; kitchen, bath or major construction redo will takes weeks to complete and sign off on. These complex projects have many skilled artisans involved and getting them all together to discuss can take some arranging.


Once everything is agreed upon –The creation begins — picking furniture, fabrics, paint colors, and so much more. If required by the client, one point drawings are also drawn up for an additional fee.


We will be in communication via emails telling you of our progress as well as reach out to you if questions come up! Once the design is created it goes into our pricing department to make sure we are on budget, at this point we also set our presentation date to return to your home and present our plan to you.


After scheduling a design appointment, we will come to your home to discuss the project & areas that you would like to work on. Since we are designing a space for you, it is important for us to get to know you, and you, us. During the visit, your lifestyle, how you want to live and use the space[s], your favorite colors, style, and any architectural detail wanted, etc. is discussed. At this meeting we will also discuss your time frame for completion and a budget. A retainer for time and hourly fee is established. Rooms are measured and photographed; all furniture that will be incorporated in the plan is inventoried, photographed and measured.


Once final decisions are made, orders are placed.


Normally a project, without construction, takes 12 – 14 weeks. If construction is required, a separate and detailed project work list will be given by the contractor, but can take months for completion, depending on the scope of work needed.


Once all the construction elements are completed and all to most of the interior fashion has arrived– we then set up the magical date with you!


On our installation date, we ask that you go to work, take the day and plan something fun in order to be out of the house.


After much planning, we meet our delivery team and then the magic begins! We unload, inspect again and place all items in place. Once the delivery team leaves, the transformation, the magic, truly begins to happen. We move, adjust, layer in your items and add ours…the room is given much love as we make everything just right for your return! No detail is spared. We await your arrival for the big reveal… and you are presented with your new home!